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What You DIDN'T Know About York Tech!

For a super long time, (50 years for you number people) the area’s smartest people have chosen York Tech to help them reach their personal and career goals. Really!

With a variety of credit programs to choose from—including degrees, diplomas, and certificates—that can prepare you for dozens of great jobs, York Tech probably has one that’s right for you. The flexible scheduling, supportive campus environment, and exceptional value mean you can tailor a college experience that meets your needs.

In addition to teaching technical skills, the College seeks to provide students competency in written and oral communication, mathematics, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and information technology.      

York Tech also offer a wide selection of corporate and continuing education courses for professional development, to explore a personal interest, or to promote business and industry growth. There' definitely something here that you can sink your teeth into.


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