Seize the Summer

Tech It Up In The Sun!

Enjoy all of the fun things summer has to offer and still get ahead with the help of York Tech. With three sessions to choose from, you can take advantage of all the great opportunities summer courses affords you. Let us work around your summer vacation by choosing the following dates to enroll:

·         May 22 – August 4

·         May 22 – June 23

·         June 26 – August 4

CATCH UP on missed courses or new courses from changing a major.

GET AHEAD of the pact and enroll in courses to shorten your fall and spring load.

IMPROVE YOUR GPA by taking some cool booster classes that spark your interests such as photography or creative writing.

So, what are you waiting on? Don't miss this opportunity to seize the summer with York Tech. Follow these easy steps to get you started today!

1.      Apply for admission.

2.      Select your courses.

3.      Set up a WebAdvisor account.

4.      Pay tuition and fees.

a.      Payment plans are available.

b.      Deadline for May 22 classes are May 24 and deadline for June 26 classes are June 28.

5.      Acquire a parking decal.