Smart Start to Your 4-Year Degree

There are loads of reasons to go to a technical college, but let's be honest: everyone loves saving a few bucks. York Tech is one of the most affordable colleges in South Carolina, but that doesn't mean you're settling for second best. Coming to York Tech for the first two years is a great way to ease into college without breaking the bank.

What more could you ask for? How about a friendly campus environment, small classes with instructors who actually know your name, and clubs and organizations where you can meet people and develop those “leadership skills” you’ve heard so much about.

If your goal is to wear the garnet and black (or the orange and purple – we’re not picking sides here!) but it seems like a bit of a reach, don’t stress! Our university transfer program is designed so your credits will transfer easily into the South Carolina state school of your choice. You'll also have two alma maters – how cool is that?

Coming to York Tech makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? It’s your move.